ier at a meeting with Xinjiang officials on Saturday evening.The central government would provide more support to affected regions, including ▓funds and relief materials, he said."The focus of ou▓r work is to maintain people's livelihoods, agric▓ulture and animal husbandry operations,

▓supplies of commodities and transport services.▓"On Saturday afternoon, after five hours of▓ flying, the Premier arrived at Altay in northern Xinjiang a▓nd then visited a Kazak village in the subu▓rbs of Altay.The temperature fell to 26 degrees below zero and snow was piled up more than one meter high along the village path when he reached the house of Kazak shepherd▓ Zhumashi.Hundreds of livestock have died in heavy snowstorms in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Local authorities immediately began delivering▓ materials and money to more than 100 households, dealing with the freezing winter. The storm has a▓lso affected livestock, and feed. It's estimated 300 cattle and 100 sheep have already died. Stock is now being offered in abundance, with▓ enough for more than 16-thousand head of cattle and sh▓eep to survive the winter. A cold front is exp▓ected to hit northern China so

metime between Wedn▓esday and Friday, but temperatures will rebound after t▓hat.銆€銆€By Julianne Page 銆€ 銆€銆€BEIJING, Aug. 28 -- ▓As we left Lhasa this morning and headed ▓north we came across an almost endless row of military trucks lining the street on the way out of town. Arriving by procession on the other side were modern style military vehicles. I remain curious about why there were so many, what they were doing and where they

were going. 銆€?€€As the trucks were parked, we managed to get past them and eventually made our way out of Lhasa for t▓he four-hour drive to Namco Lake, the most holy ▓lake in Tibet. 銆€銆€As we headed out of Lhasa towards the wor▓ld鈥榮 highest lake we traveled alongside the world鈥榮 highest railway. The world famous Tibetan railway c▓ost around 44.2 billion U.S. dollars to build and is considered to be something of an engineering marvel. The original Swiss engineers brought i▓n the consult on building it concluded that trains w▓ere not meant to go that high. Apparently ▓this one was. 銆€銆€Today we saw many people standing by the roadside holding plastic▓ bags containing wh

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